Draw Your Own Comic Book!

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Draw Your Own Comic Book! is full of blank squares and speech bubbles of different sizes, waiting for you to release your imagination and create your own fun and exciting stories.

Draw and color your squares to give your stories life. You can fill the hundred pages with one long, continuous series or many short action-packed strips. This is the perfect source of inspiration for creative children and young people with their heads full of ideas. Draw Your Own Comic Book! makes it easy to understand the backbone of every comic, i.e. the frames that give room for the pictures. The coloring book is suitable for every age, as you fill the frames with your own drawings. For every easy-bored youngster it’s a perfect tool to carry along and turn waiting time into creative time.

For every anxious adult that looks for a good gift, the search is over. What are you waiting for? Get your markers and create your own cartoon!

Format: Softcover 210 x 270 mm, Pages: 100, Language: English, Published: 2019, ISBN: 9789188369284.